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Travelling with a Car Topper Boat in 2020

The fishing and boating opportunity’s across Australia are endless and if you are one of the lucky ones planning a caravan trip around Australia you might want to consider taking a small boat with you. From the quiet rivers of the NSW coast, across the freshwater lakes of the Snowy Mountains, down to the whiting…

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Tow Vehicle Payloads – Part 3

In the previous two parts of this series we have looked at the maximum rated towing capacity of common caravan tow vehicles verses the actual maximum towing capacity when the vehicle is fully loaded. A good example is the Ford Ranger. When unloaded the Ranger will tow 3.5 tonne no problems but once you load…

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What Weight Can I Legally Tow? – Part 2

In the Part 1 of this four-part series we looked at the common terms you must know, TARE, ATM, GVM and GCM along with Kerb weight which is the vehicle weight assuming a 75kg driver and a full tank of fuel (this can vary depending on the manufacturer). We had a look at the most…

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What Weight Can I Legally Tow? – Part 1

So the retirement payout is in the bank and you are ready to do the big caravan trip around Australia and here comes the shopping list of the must haves!! New caravan, new tow vehicle and lots of new toys. So the usual scenario goes like this…… You have found your dream caravan, 24’ semi off…

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