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About the BoatHoist brand
The team at BoatHoist International have spent the last seventeen years manufacturing high-quality aluminium electric boat loaders, kayak loaders and folding boat trailers, along with a range of outboard motor trolleys for the RV caravan market here in Australia. As a result we now have over five thousand loyal caravanning customers crisscrossing Australia each year with BoatHoist side boat loaders bolted to their vehicle roof. Our range of robust aluminium boat loading products have been designed to work in the rugged Australian outdoors and are second to none.

That is why All products come with a 3-year structural guarantee.
We are proudly Australian made and owned, making all our kayak and car topper boat equipment here, hiring local workers, and using materials sourced locally. Australian made is who we are.

BoatHoist – Leader In Innovation

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, BoatHoist has always been a market leader in innovation. Our standard electric side boat loader to suit three heavy duty roof racks has been adapted over time, and the SideWinder boat loader can now be fitted to a range of flat racks, trade racks and cargo racks. Dual Cab Utes don’t miss out either with fitting kits to suit builders racks on the tub, and several options for mounting your boat loader onto a canopy. The problem of movement between the cab and the canopy of a Dual Cab Ute has been overcome using our unique Flexi-mount system.

This exclusive BoatHoist mounting system allows our side boat loader to be fixed to the two roof racks on the canopy, with the Flexi-mount fitted to a third roof rack on the cab of the Ute. This system is perfect for fiberglass canopies as the boat can be set up to finish flush with the back of your Ute while the load is spread over all three roof racks.

Getting your car topper boat onto the roof of your vehicle is only part of the story. Once you get to your camping ground you still need to get your boat to and from the water. We have been building our standard ‘Barra’ folding aluminium boat trailer since 2006 and this robust design has stood the test of time. In July 2023 the new RSVA legislation came into force requiring all trailer manufacturers to be certified under this national licensing framework.

The BoatHoist ‘Barra’ folding trailer and our new BoatHoist ‘Big Barra’ folding trailer have both been certified as fully compliant with the new legislation. The ‘Big Barra’ folding trailer comes with a unique floating axle suspension, and is a step up showcasing our design expertise. Designed to handle a 4.1m boat and with a GTM payload of 350kg our new folding aluminium trailer uses four Chev big block valve springs to provide a soft but durable ride on any Australian road conditions.



Our Boat Loader Accessories

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The team at BoatHoist understand that you don’t just need to load your boat onto the vehicle roof. You also need to handle and store your outboard motor and your boat fuel tank. We have three options for carrying your four-stroke outboard motor. You can mount the motor on our Outboard Motor Trolley and roll it into the back of your vehicle, or this trolley can be combined with our A-Frame mount, and the trolley with motor attached can then be carried on the front A-Frame of your caravan.
If you have enough roof top capacity on your vehicle we have the ultimate outboard motor carrying system, our RT (roof top) Trolley. The RT Trolley is designed to mount your 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor into the boat while still on the ground, secure the trolley to the gunnel of your boat, then use our BoatHoist electric side boat loader to winch the boat, including your motor, onto the vehicle roof.
The Fuel Tank Rack is a great storage option and also clamps to the gunnel of your boat enabling the fuel tank to be stored safely under the boat while traveling.
We always focus on three important qualities when designing and manufacturing our products: strength, reliability and ease of use for our customers. The result is a range of cartopper boating equipment made from structural grade aluminium that makes taking a cartopper boat with you on your next caravanning adventure a pleasure and not a chore.

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