Fuel Tank Rack – Perfect for Cartopper boats

Introducing BoatHoist Fuel Tank Rack – the ideal solution for cartopper boats. Simplify your caravan trips with our innovative design that securely clamps to your boat’s gunnel, allowing you to conveniently carry the fuel tank on the roof. Designed to seamlessly work with our electric SideWinder Boat Loader, it’s quick and easy to assemble. Made in Australia with a 3-year structural warranty, trust in our quality craftsmanship. Enjoy hassle-free boating adventures with BoatHoist. Simple, Safe & Secure. 



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Fuel Tank Rack$220


Delivery Costs:

NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT - $80

WA, SA, NT, TAS - $130

The best way to carry your boat fuel tank.

The BoatHoist Fuel Tank Rack solves all your problems of where to carry your boat fuel tank when taking a cartopper boat with you on your next caravan trip.

The Fuel Tank Rack is designed to work with our electric SideWinder Boat Loader and simply clamps to the gunnel of your boat. You can now carry your boat fuel tank up under the boat on the roof of your vehicle.

We supply Fuel Tank Rack direct to our customers so you are dealing with the manufacturer NOT a salesman. The Fuel Tank Rack can be freighted direct to your door in all Australian states or you can pick up from our Queensland workshop.

    1. First winch your boat halfway up using our electric side boat loader

    2. Clamp the Fuel Tank Rack into the gunnel of your boat

    3. Sit the fuel tank (right way up) on the rack and strap it in place

    4. Finish winching the boat onto your vehicle roof


    Quick and easy to assemble

    3 year structural warranty

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