Rooftop “RT” Boat/Outboard Motor Trolley

The “RT” Trolley is an innovative solution to the problem of carrying an outboard motor with you on your next caravan trip. Designed to clamp to the inside gunnels of your boat the RT Trolley allows you to load the outboard motor into the boat while on the ground and then winch it up onto the roof of your vehicle with the boat, making this a very convenient Rooftop Outboard Motor Trolley.



Rooftop “RT” Boat/Outboard Motor Trolley$995


Delivery Costs

NSW, QLD, VIC & ACT - $150

WA, SA, NT, TAS - $250


RT Outboard Motor Trolley will suit 2 stroke and 4 stroke boat motors up to 20hp

Roof racks must be rated to carry the extra load of the outboard motor and trolley (typically about 50kg)

RT Trolley will only work with our SideWinder Boat Loader. It does not work with any type of rear boat loader


The RT Trolley suits most high side car-topper tinnies (minimum boat depth 550mm)

Your outboard motor is locked safely in place. (See the video on this page)

Just wheel the trolley to the boat, lock in place and push the remote control. Easy!

1. Sit the outboard motor onto the RT Trolley


2. Clamp the RT Trolley into the boat


3. The SideWinder boat loader loads the boat and motor onto the roof using the cordless remote control.


4. Outboard and trolley locked safely in place on the vehicle roof


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