Rooftop "RT" Trolley

Rooftop Trolley

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Are you looking for a place to carry your outboard motor when towing a caravan?

What about on the vehicle roof under your cartopper tinnie.

The BoatHoist SideWinder boat loader is now rated to load 130 kg!!

Sit your outboard motor onto the RT Trolley, clamp into the boat and winch onto the roof.

All you need is 3 roof racks rated to 150 kg plus our SideWinder boat loader.

The Facts

  • Boat loader weighs (30kg) + tinnie (70kg) + RT Trolley (5kg) + 15hp motor (40kg) = 145kg total load
  • If your roof racks are rated to 150 kg, they are tested to 600 kg (as per AS 1235-2000)
  • The RT Trolley will clamp into any cartopper tinnie
  • Your outboard motor is locked safely in place
  • Just wheel the trolley to the boat, lock in place and push the remote control. Easy!

Sit the outboard motor onto the RT Trolley (Image 1)

Clamp the RT Trolley into the boat (Image 2)

The SideWinder boat loader loads the boat and motor onto the roof using the cordless remote control. (Image 3)

Outboard and trolley locked safely in place on the vehicle roof (Image 4)

Roof Top Trolley Operation Video

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