Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series – Roof Load Capacity 150kg

13 Apr 2023


I have been watching with growing frustration the discussion on social media about the
roof capacity of the 300 Series Landcruiser. Many people in the industry that should
know better, seem to be determined to spread this mis-information that the 300 Series
can only carry 92kg on the roof. They appear to be doing this either deliberately for
unknown reasons, or even worse, because they really don’t understand how the
Australian Standards work.

So lets just forget about what ‘old mate’ has told you and look at the facts.
In January 2023, after hearing all the stories about the 92kg roof limit, I contacted
Toyota Australia and asked them to provide a maximum roof load capacity for the new
300 Series.

Below is the response from Toyota Australia.

Thank you for your enquiry received by the Toyota Guest Experience Centre on
24/01/2023 regarding the roof load capacity of the Toyota Landcruiser.
We can advise that Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) do not specify a load
limit for the roofs of our vehicles as we do not recommend loading the roof of our
vehicles alone. Therefore, we are unable to provide a recommended roof load limit,
however, a load limit could be advised for Toyota Genuine Roofs racks.

The team at BoatHoist have been building electric boat loaders for over 17 years and
we pride ourselves on providing quality products and service to our customers. Part of
that service starts with understanding and complying with the Australian Standards for
roof racks. By complying with these Standards we ensure that our customers are fully
covered when it comes to insurance and vehicle warranty.

All roof racks, including all boat loaders that bolt directly to the roof of a vehicle MUST be
tested and certified under AS1235-2000. It is illegal under Fair Trade legislation to sell a
roof carrier, this includes boat loaders, cargo racks, roof racks and roof top tents that do
not comply with this Australian Standard.

The BoatHoist electric Side Boat Loader complies because it bolts directly to certified
heavy duty roof racks. The Rhino boat loader also complies for the same reason.
If you are looking to buy a boat loader like the Custom Boat Loader, the Mossie Boat

Loader, Almac or the Tinnie Tosser make sure that they have been tested and certified
under AS1235-2000 for your vehicle type.
So, is the roof of a 300 Series Landcruiser rated to only 92kg.
No, it is not.

Toyota have never stated that the 300 Series has a roof rating of 92kg. As you can see
from the response from Toyota Australia they don’t specify a maximum roof capacity.
This number comes from an editorial article in 2021 by the 4×4 Australia magazine
where the writer mixed up the cargo capacity of the Toyota 2 bar roof rack, which is
92kg, with the roof capacity.

Many people are concerned if they exceed 92kg they won’t have insurance or vehicle
warranty. Again, not true. All roof carriers that bolt directly to the roof of a vehicle or
canopy, like any aftermarket accessory, must comply with Australian Standards. This is
why all roof rack manufacturers must test and certify their roof carriers to AS1235-2000
for all vehicle types.

If a vehicle manufacturer specifies a maximum vehicle roof load then that is the load
limit, but if a vehicle manufacturer does not specify a load limit then the maximum load,
as determined by the roof rack manufacturer then applies. This is the case with the 300
Series Landcruiser. Because Toyota don’t give a roof loading for the LC300, the rated
capacity of the roof racks is determined by the roof rack manufacturer. The maximum
load capacity is the rated capacity less the weight of the roof racks or cargo rack.
Below is a list of roof rack companies that sell AS 1235-2000 compliant roof racks for
the LC 300.

Toyota HD 2 bar roof rack is rated to 100kg (cargo capacity 92kg)
The Prorack HD 2 bar roof rack is rated to 100kg (cargo capacity 90kg)
Yakima LocknLoad Ruggedline flat rack is rated to 150kg (cargo capacity 114kg)
Rhino Backbone Platform rack is rated to 150kg (cargo capacity 113kg)
KRS Australia HD 3 bar roof racks are rated to 150kg (cargo capacity 130kg)

Interestingly, after looking at several Toyota websites while typing up this article I found
this little gem for the 300 Series GX Landcruiser.
The text and link below is taken from the West Australian City Toyota 300 Series
accessories web page in April 2023.

Alloy Roof Tray 
Carry your cargo with confidence using the Toyota Genuine Alloy Roof Tray. It features extruded aluminium profiles for strength, anodised silver for corrosion resistance and black rounded polyurethane fittings. Our Alloy Roof Tray offers an impressive 125kg carrying capacity when fitted with the Toyota Genuine Heavy Duty Roof Racks (3 bar set). 6 handy internal tie down eyelets are also included to help you secure your load.

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