Take Care of Your Back When You Boat!

28 Oct 2021

Summer is on its way! That means Sunshine Coast residents are getting ready to get back on the water.

Whether you are loading your boat to travel to your favourite local spot, or taking it on the road with you on your next Queensland caravan holiday, it is important to ensure you have a way to load you boat safely.

At Boat Hoist, our Caloundra boat loading systems are designed and constructed with your safety in mind. According to the Australian National Bureau of Statistics, 4 million Australians (16% of the population) reported having back problems in 2018. Heavy lifting is a leading cause of back injuries, so you can see how manually lifting a boat onto your vehicle roof could be a risk to your health.

Based at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast BoatHoist can provide the residents of Caloundra, as well as the rest of Australia, with a quality electric boat loading system that makes boat loading simple and safe. We can freight our boat loader directly to your door or we offer a fitting service at our Coolum Beach workshop.

Amongst our Caloundra customers BoatHoist Loading Systems is rated the best electric boat loader on the market and offers our Caloundra car-topper boating fanatics with a robust one-person operation system using a remote-controlled electric winch. This Caloundra Boat Loading solution is designed to bolt to the roof racks of all caravan tow vehicles, is rated to load 130kg and there is no need to drill holes in your boat or vehicle.

Here at Boat Hoist, we are the experts in boat and kayak loading solutions. With dedicated client service, our products are supplied straight from our workshop, so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer – not a salesman. Boat Hoist manufactures the best Boat Loading System in Caloundra. Call us on 1300 001 090 or inquire through our website to find out more about our Caloundra boat loading systems.


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