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Uni-Mount for Cargo Racks and Trays


Uni-Mount for Cargo Racks and Trays

Many people who are setting up to travel Australia with their caravan in tow are purchasing large cargo racks or trays to help carry the extra gear they need. Part of that extra gear often ends up being a cartopper tinnie. We are constantly being asked if our standard SideWinder boat loader could be fitted to this type of rack.

The answer has been yes, sort of, maybe as we needed to customize the mounting points on our SideWinder Boat Loader to suit the exact width of the cargo rack we were going to mount onto. Easy if we have the rack in our workshop but not so easy if we are sending the boat loader out sight unseen.

The answer, our new Uni-Mount system. ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

We can now supply 4 fabricated aluminum clamp plates that are bolted to the top rail of your existing Cargo rack or Tradies Tray (you still need to assess the carrying capacity of your top rail).

The 2 cross arms of our SideWinder Boat Loader (the bit the tinnie sits on) then sit into these clamp plates and all you need to do is drill four holes straight through the cross arms and the boat loader is mounted. You don’t need to measure, mark or cut anything, just drill the hole through the existing hole in the clamp plate. All this at the same price as our standard SideWinder boat loader.

Cartopping has never been easier with the The BoatHoist SideWinder Boat Loader, removable 12volt electric winch with remote, rated to 100kg capacity, gunnel clamps (no tie down straps needed), all lightweight aluminum, fits all vehicles and now the Uni-Mount system means you can load your boat onto your existing cargo rack or Tradies tray with no problems.


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