Victoria’s Best Boating Spots

9 Jan 2020

Early summer is the best time of year to take out the boat. With Boat Hoist’s Victoria Boat Loading Solutions, loading your boat onto your roof is a breeze. From boat loaders, rooftop trolleys, folding trailers, fuel tank racks and motor trolleys , you can find a range of quality, Australian made boat loading solutions at BoatHoist.
Here are some of our recommendations of the best boating spots in Victoria where you can take your new boat loading solutions for a spin:

1. Port Philip Bay

Port Philip Bay is the largest bay in Victoria. Located on Victoria’s central coast, Port Philip Bay is a prime location for water sports such as swimming, skiing and wakeboarding. There are also several beaches and coves to be discovered around the bay. Port Phillip Bay is also home to Swan Island, Mud Island, and Duck Island. Access to the Yarra, Maribyrnong and Werribee Rivers also provide an opportunity to go see some wonderful views of the city from the water.

2. Gippsland Lakes

About 250km southeast of Melbourne, the Gippsland Lakes are considered a boating paradise. The surrounding coastal parks provide perfect opportunities for camping, and mountain streams for fishing. Some of the Gippsland Lakes most popular areas are the Lakes National Park, as well as the Tambo, Mitchell and Nicholson Rivers.

3. Lake Eildon

About 140kms northeast of Melbourne, Lake Eildon is a freshwater boating haven home to houseboats, boating facilities, and plenty of lakeside shops. Not only are the waters of the lake perfect for water sports, but the Lake Eildon National Park is also a must see if you enjoy discovering the diverse flora and fauna the area has to offer.
Here at BoatHoist, we are the experts in boat and kayak loading solutions. With dedicated client service, our products are supplied straight from our workshop, so you are dealing directly with the manufacturer – not a salesman. BoatHoist manufactures the best Boat Loading Systems in Victoria. Call us on 1300 001 090 or inquire through our website to find out more about our Victoria Boat Loading Solutions.

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