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New Product Release! How to put a 15hp outboard motor on the roof of your vehicle

NEW !!   The RT Trolley from BoatHoist

The design team at BoatHoist have been working on giving our customers another option for carrying the outboard motor when taking a cartopper tinny on your next caravan trip. What we have come up with is a simple, robust loading system that really works.

The Problem:

Where do you put your outboard motor? In the back of the car? Fuel fumes in the car, not good.

On the caravan A-frame? Exposed to the weather, dust and possible thieves. Will also affect your caravan ball weight.

On the back of your caravan? Again the same problems of mounting on the A-frame plus you have to physically lift the motor onto the bumper bar.

The Solution:

The RT Trolley has been designed to work with our SideWinder Boat Loader and lets you load your outboard motor onto the vehicle roof with your boat in 4 easy steps, no lifting required.

  1. Lay your outboard motor onto the trolley, slide the motor along onto the trolley and clamp your motor onto the RT Trolley.
  2. Wheel to trolley to the boat and stand in place so that the bottom clamps fit into the gunnel. The boat is held in place by the winch rope from our SideWinder Boat Loader.
  3. Slide the adjustable legs up into the top gunnel and lock in place. Tighten the 4 clamp plates and this will lock the RT Trolley in place.
  4. Winch the boat and outboard motor onto the vehicle roof using the electric winch remote and hit the road.

The Facts

  • Boat loader weighs (30kg) + tinnie (70kg) + RT Trolley (10kg) + 15hp motor (40kg) = 150kg total
  • If your roof racks are rated to 150 kg, they are tested to 600 kg (as per AS 1235-2000) so they are designed take the load.
  • The RT Trolley will clamp into any cartopper tinny.
  • Your outboard motor is locked safely in place, out of the way until you need it.
  • Just wheel the trolley to the boat, lock in place and push the remote control. Easy!

The RT Trolley has been undergoing field tests for the past 8 months and has proven an outstanding success. The outboard motor is clamped to the gunnels at four points and cannot move. This clamping action reinforces the gunnel sections and transfers the load into the side of the boat, effectively using the boat as a truss that supports the motor. Using the powerful 1.3 tonne electric winch that comes with the BoatHoist SideWinder Boat Loader you simply winch the boat and outboard motor onto the vehicle roof. The motor is now safely out of the way until you need it, protected from damage and possible theft.

The RT Trolley will only work with our SideWinder Boat Loader (now rated to load 130kg) and will not work with the Rhino side boat loader (only rated to 80kg) or any rear boat loading system on the market.

Cartopper boating just got a lot easier with the RT Trolley.

For more info check out the RT Trolley product page or give us a call on 1300 001 090.